Anti-War Movement

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The goal of the anti-war movement was to promote pacifism in Vietnam and completely remove US military intervention, while also bringing all the troops stationed there back to America.

Key Events

Lots of students and faculty members in colleges across America started holding "teach-ins", where instead of having class normally, the faculty members would have anti-war seminars. In the streets, there were more students with signs demanding the US pull out of Vietnam, while some people just held up a peace symbol.

Some students even joined a new group, the SDC (Students for a Democratic Society) whose first priority was to remove the US from the war in Vietnam, as shown by their Port Huron Statement. The US spending in Vietnam also led to deteriorating economic effects, which turned even more people against the war


As mentioned before, students and faculty members from colleges across the country would go out and march or perform teach-ins. While protesting, SDC members would even burn their draft paper on the street, symbolizing their opposition of the governent's system. Some would even march to places like the Oakland Army Terminal, where lots of soldiers were sent off for Vietnam.


Over the 8 year period that America was fighting in Vietnam, there have been many military leaders and more recognizably, 2 presidents: Lyndon B Johnson and Richard Nixon. While LBJ was the one responsible for getting the US into Vietnam, Nixon was elected under the pretense that he was going to get us out. After various scandles however, he hadn't done anything towards bringing troops back home, so after 2 years he began slowly pulling troops